Inform us of roster changes within 3 business days; this applies to terminations as well as new hires.

Inform us of all existing violations within 10 business days of the date of the agreement.

Inform us of new violations within 3 business days; it is imperative that we get to work as soon as possible to ensure the best outcome.

Do not pay the fines on the violations for your drivers. When you or your driver pays the fine you may be in essence pleading guilty. The violation will immediately become a part of your DOT SMS BASIC Score and a part of your driverís MVR.  Allow us to work with the driver and the court first.  A representative will communicate with your Safety Director regularly.

We make every effort to help your driver to avoid having to go to court, but sometimes your driver will have to make an appearance; it depends on the court.

All paperwork prepared by American Drivers Association must be sent to the court by registered mail, return receipt requested, within five business days unless other arrangements are made in writing.