When you receive a violation you call us with all the details of the ticket then you need to fax us a copy of the ticket.  Do not send us the original ticket. 


We then contact your court to see what options you have through them to keep this violation from becoming a part of your driver's record.  We call you to tell you what is available to you and if the option is agreeable to you, we send you an agreement letter for you to mail to the court along with whatever the court requires, usually a fine. 


If there are no options through the court, or what they offer is not agreeable to you then we help you to fight this citation through the court system.  We do not go to court for you, we are not attorneys, but we do prepare you to serve as your own attorney by providing the paperwork you will need and instructing you on what to expect and what to say when you do go to court.


We will assist you but the ultimate outcome will depend on how much effort you are willing to put into this fight