When we receive your driving record we call the court where you got the tickets to see that everything that was suppost to be done has been done, such as all the fines have been paid, probation or whatever the court said that you had to do has been done. We then write an expungement letter, which is a letter requesting that it be removed from the driving record  along with the order for the judge to sign.  We fax the letters to you for your signature and you send it to the court by certified mail because the judge that put it on the record has the ability to have it removed.  If the judge will work with us then that is all that is required.  If the judge does not agree to remove it from the driverís record we have other steps we go through to have it removed.  We may send additional letters to the court or we may petition to have the case reopened.  If we have the case reopened we do not go to court for you.  What we do is to assist you to serve as your own attorney, we do this by sending you all the paperwork you will need and coach you on what to do and say so that when you go to court you are prepared to defend yourself in court.