The PSP Report is the report the Department of Transportation has compiled about you.  These reports have only been available since January 1, 2011.  and it was part of the CSA2010 program.  There will be everything concerning your driving record, including things not included on your MVR.  Besides all the traffic violations you have received there will be all the warning tickets, parking tickets, and equipment violations you have received for the previous 5 years. 


The first thing that we do is to help you to get a copy of your PSP report so you can see exactly what is on there.  This can be done over the internet and the DOT charges $10.00 for you to get a copy.  This has to be in the form of a credit card and we do not cover this cost for you.  We can help you to obtain it but we have to use your credit card to do this.


Once we get the copy of the PSP Report then we help you to have these violations dismissed in court then after they have been dismissed we dispute the violations through the Department of Transportation using the DataQ process.